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#LuvIsBlack #BeautifulBlackWoman #BlackFitness #AfroLatino


#LuvIsBlack #BeautifulBlackWoman #BlackFitness #AfroLatino



"Young people, I may strike you as old school, but I’m going down swinging." - Cornel West


















Pole dancers are actually super freakishly strong.

i can’t even do a pull up

Such a pity it’s so hyper sexualised. These women are badasses.

reasons why i want to pole dance.

I want to learn how to pole dance 😊😏

I also think it’s a pity it has basically become synonymous with strippers and promiscuity. It takes some ridiculous arm and core strength (as you can picture above) and should be more closely linked with exercise or fitness.

become? BECOME?!

Dude, I hate to be a third grader about this but strippers did it first.

Those badass moves up there? They were developed by strippers, in an adult entertainment environment. Just because the art form has been adopted by the fitness industry does not give you the fucking right to erase it’s origins.

As to your pity. I pity people who feel the need to boo-hiss sexualised things just because they’re sexualised. Sexualised =/= bad. You want to pity something - pity the fucking society that teaches us the bullshit puritanical drivel you’re spitting.

Pity the society that ensures that the thousands of women that self-learn amazing feats of strength and dexterity like those you see above, are automatically equated zero respect for their achievements simply because they deigned to learn them in a sexualised environment.

Pity the fucking society that has contributed to your backwards fucking assumption that stripping can be equated to promiscuity (spoiler alert: YOU’RE FUCKING WRONG).

Pity the society and then help us fucking CHANGE IT by pulling your head out of your fucking ass and ceasing to perpetuate damaging, disgusting falsehoods.

So, just wanna jump in here.

Pole started in India and Japan and was more aerial and gymnastic tricks.

In the 20’s women started dancing and whatnot on the poles in circus tents.

It wasn’t until they moved from the tents to the bars that pole became sexualized.

Lots of pole fitness moves are indeed adaptations from those used in bars/clubs, but many (most of the advanced moved) are from something else entirely.

Personally, I think that the gymnastic aspect comes from it’s origins but the fluidity comes from the sexualization.

Oh man, I was gonna wash my hands of this post but I just-

You are correct when you say that India developed a pole sport before any known record of exotic pole dancing. The form was called Pole Mallakhamb and it was developed as a training exercise for wrestlers.

Fixed Mallakhamb (the one involving a static pole) is performed on a wooden pole with a circumference of 55cm at the base that gradually tapers to a 35cm circumference at the top.



Now Chinese pole (not Japanese fyi) has a bit more in common with westernised pole dancing, if only for the make and set up of the pole itself.



It was developed in a circus environment and is performed on a (usually) wooden pole, though sometimes the pole is coated in rubber to improve grip. A few professional pole fitness moves have been adopted from the form, including the flag which, as moves go, is fucking badass and requires some serious core strength.

Now, to say that the pole dancing form adopted by the fitness industry has more in common with either of these techniques than exotic pole dancing is not only ludicrous, it’s fucking insulting.

You are literally removing credit for the natural development of pole tricks within the sex industry from exotic dancers and giving it to male-dominated sports.

"Most of the advanced moves" did not come from Chinese pole or fixed Mallakhamb. They came from women fucking around on a pole while the club wound down around them at 3am in the morning. They came from women wanting to challenge themselves and each other; from fun and determination and comradery.

How do I know this? Because I was fucking there.

I was there when a fellow dancer dared me to twist a different way out of a hang just to see if I could. I was there when I pulled the move off and I was there when three other girls and I spent an hour trying to figure out how to make this “new” move work in a stage routine. D’you know what that move was?

This thing:



I later found out it was called the superman. We didn’t know at the time y’see - pole dancing for fitness was only just finding it’s feet in my city and no one had really bothered naming any of the moves we were doing at the club when we could just swing up and show anyone who asked.

So, sorry, but no. The “gymnastic aspect” of contemporary pole dancing cannot be divorced from it’s sexualised roots just because people feel more comfy attributing the “legitimate” aspects of the sport to ancient, male-dominated pole forms.

GTFO of here with this bullshit please.